There are two policies that our staff shall deal with in an immediate and proscribed manner, in
accordance with the laws of the United States and the state of New Jersey.
1) The use and/or possession of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited under federal and state law.
Therefore, any delegate found possessing or using an illegal substance shall be reported to the
Edison Police Department and the student’s parents and removed from the event in a timely
2) The legal drinking age in the state of New Jersey is twenty-one. Therefore, no participants may
possess or consume any alcoholic beverages. All personal belongings are subject to search and any
suspicious containers will be disposed of. Any violations of this rule will result in the notification of
the participant’s emergency contact, and the student’s timely removal from the event.
Code of Conduct
Junior Achievement HackJA participants are expected to exhibit a high level of professionalism at all
times. This includes treating JA staff, JA volunteers, and fellow participants with courtesy and
respect, as well as demonstrating maturity in speech, actions, and appearance throughout the event.
Participants are also expected to treat the Junior Achievement Education Center with respect and
any intentional vandalism will not be tolerated.
Technology Use
The use of cellular phones, laptop computers, and other data-enabled devices is allowed while
working on HackJA projects. The use of technology during workshops for anything other than
notetaking is disrespectful to the presenters. Students are expected to bring their own computers for
this event.
Dress Code
HackJA participants are expected to dress appropriately as they would for any school event. School
pride apparel is encouraged!
Photography and Use of Event Photographs
At HackJA, clearly identified MLH and JA staff photographers will be present for portions of the
event. With parent permission, photos will be taken and may be used on JA website and social